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Alan G. Green Memorial Fund for Economic History at Queen's

Alan Green died on November 3 2010, in Kingston, Ontario, at the age of 78. In his memory, and on behalf of Alan's family, friends, colleagues and students, the Department of Economics at Queen’s University has established the Alan G. Green Memorial Fund to support research and teaching in economic history.

Alan’s contributions to the economic history community went far beyond his publications. For many economic historians across Canada, Alan will be remembered as a mentor, friend and cheerleader. Since the 1960s, Canadian economic historians have assembled to communicate their ideas and encourage the work of young scholars in a forum that evolved into the Canadian Network for Economic History (CNEH). In the 1970s, these conferences were at serious risk of being discontinued. Alan almost single-handedly prevented that from happening by ensuring that a venue, an organizer (often Alan himself), and funding was available year after year.

The Alan G. Green Memorial Fund for Economic History at Queen's will be a lasting tribute to Alan that will prove of great value to students, Queen's faculty and Canadian economic historians. Resources provided by the Fund will:

* contribute to the cost of workshops and conferences in economic history (including, for example, the 2011 CNEH Conference)
* support graduate students who are working on topics in economic history
* help defray the costs of offering courses in economic history
* be used to acquire books and other research materials
* pay part of the research costs of faculty and graduate students

Alan had a great many friends, colleagues, and students. We hope that we can include you as one of those contributing to the Alan G. Green Memorial Fund.

For more information about Alan's life and the Alan G. Green Memorial Fund, and for an online donation form, please visit the Queen's Economics Department web page:


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