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3rd Conference on the Application of Quantitative Methods to Canadian Economic History

Buckley, K. W., (University of Saskatchewan) Presented at 1968 Conference
"Economic Growth Since Confederation: A Progress Report."
LaTourette, J. E., (SUNY at Binghampton) Presented at 1968 Conference
"Trends in the Capital/Output Ratio: United States and Canada, 1926 - 65"
Subsequently published: CJE (2 papers)
McClelland, Peter, (Cornell University) Presented at 1968 Conference
"Railroads, American Economic Growth and the New Economic History: A Critique"
Subsequently published: AER
McDougall, D., (University of Kansas) Presented at 1968 Conference
"Finished Manufacturing Commodity Output in Canada, Decenially, 1870 - 1915."
Subsequently published: CJE
Parker, W. N., (Yale University) Presented at 1968 Conference
"American Economic Growth: Recent Trrends in Its Historiography."


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